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文明英语作文 篇1

  Civilization is a good thing. It not only cultivate our sentiments, but also improve our self-cultivation, so that our words and deeds, are standardized. In the "disciples rules" in this book, I learned a lot, but also improves the understanding of many things. But, most struck me, that is, "into the filial piety," in this section.

  "Disciples regulation" is our learning model, not to say every word a gem, also called sentence is brilliant. The "into the filial piety" is precisely the essence of the full text.

  The ancients said: "100 Yoshitaka comes first." A person can filial elder relatives, he had a good kind heart, With this benevolence, they can benefit many people. It is true! Filial Piety in Chinese culture, civilization and the basis of a person even with no filial piety, how can the noble quality of it?


  文明,是一件美好的事物。它不仅陶冶了我们的情操,而且提高了我们的修养,使我们的言行举止,都很规范。在《弟子规》这本书中,我学到了很多东西,也增进了对许多事物的理解。但,最令我感触深刻的,就是《入则孝》这一部分。 《弟子规》是我们的学习典范,不说是字字珠玑,也称得上句句精辟。而《入则孝》也正是全文之精华。 古人曾说:“百善孝为先。”一个人能够孝顺长辈亲人,他就有一颗善良仁慈之心,有了这份仁心,就可以造福许许多多的人。诚然!孝悌是中国文化文明的基础,一个连孝悌的没有的人,何来高尚的品质呢?

文明英语作文 篇2

  If growth is the symbol of childhood, then happiness is me.

  I am steady and generous, quiet and lovely, with a wide range of interests, making friends and helping others. I am full of good dreams for life. Because of this, I work hard every day to realize my dream and live a full and happy life. As lei feng said: "I live, only one goal is to be useful to the people. It is my duty to help people to overcome difficulties and contribute their own. "In school, my classmates have difficulties and I will extend my warm hand. In life, start from the small things around you, such as giving your seat to the old, taking care of the public property, protecting the environment, and doing what you can do. Actively participate in social activities, wenchuan earthquake, I donate to those unfortunate, to visit the lonely old man huaibei orphanage, I feel happy, because I know is to help others happy yourself.

  I love music. Music can take away my troubles, can take me to feel the warmth of the sun, to experience the flight of happiness, to explore the traces of life. Not only do I play the folk instrument, the hulusi, but I also play the western Musical Instruments. I won the second prize in the second hulusi competition in anhui province. During the "happy family" event held by the women's federation of huaibei city, I won the special prize with my grandfather's erhu ensemble.

  I love reading. Because I feel that reading a good book is like talking to a lot of noble people, and I understand that "it is never too late to come again. Time and tide wait for no man. I not only like to watch: the classics "journey to the west", "a dream of red mansions", "water margin", "three kingdoms", also like detective fiction detective conan, "Sherlock Holmes". These books can broaden my horizon, enrich my knowledge and bring me happiness.

  Perhaps it is because of my love for life and my keen interest in various things that makes me a good character. I am full of confidence in life, I am happy to live every day, and I am willing to bring happiness to everyone.

文明英语作文 篇3

  On Development of Tourism With the opening and reform policy being carried out, thousands upon thousands of foreign visitors are crowding into our country. Tourism brings China a lot of benefits.

  First, it enablesitheChinese people to know more about the outside world and promotes frlendship and understanding.

  Second, it is financially beneficial to China, which needs more foreign currencies, for its modernization program. Tourism, however, gives rise to a number of problems. There are many uncivilized phenomenon in the tourist attractions.

  For instance, Some tourists spitting everywhere. As a result of overcrowding caused serious www.sxqxez.com also becomes a burden to our inefficient transportation system. Besides, the living standard of the average Chinese is still not high enough to be able to afford the many different sorts of expenses during long distance travels.

  Therefore, there are still a lot of obstacles hindering the expansion of tourism in our country. As for me, with the development of our national economy, all these problems will certainly be solved step by step. A much better and brighter future awaits us.

文明英语作文 篇4


  Write a composition entitled Immoral Behavior in Public. You should write at least 120 words according to the outline given below in Chiness.




  Immoral Behavior in Public

  Immoral behaviors in public are everywhere. One can find people spitting on overpasses, picking flowers in parks and jumping 也e queue while waiting in banks.


  Immoral behaviors in public bring about a series of problems. First of all, one of the most serious ones is that it may exert a negative impact on our sense of social responsibility. ln addition, if we keep turning a blind eye to the other people's feelings, we, in turn, will be disrespected some day.


  To get rid of this phenomenon is certainly not easy. I propose that we should punish those people who fail to respect the common good. What's more, stricter policies for this should be made to correct this phenomenon as soon as possible. (121words)


文明英语作文 篇5

  Teachers and students:

  Everybody is good! The title of our speech today is "striving to be a law-abiding teenager"

  We know that the stars in the universe are in their orbits, or they will collide with each other. The traffic on the road must be driven by the traffic rules, otherwise it would be easy to crash. We live in a society that is bound by law. We face a world of flowers and weeds; There is sunshine, there is dark haze, there is a song, there is also struggle competition; In our thirst for knowledge, advocate kind at the same time, also the most easily affected by the bad atmosphere in society, be a fool about desire and temptation, and discipline, illegal and even criminal's terrible events. At this time, the formation of the correct concept of legal system is of particular importance to our growing life.

  So, what should we do to understand and obey the law? Of course, we should start by following the laws and regulations around us and start from the small things around us.

  We teenagers are irritable, once there is a small friction, small quarrel such things happen, it is very easy to trigger the abuse of the event, or even a big hand, a disaster. When the contradiction occurs, we should be calm and calm. First, we should try to resolve it ourselves. If we fail to take care of others' things, we will apologize and compensate others. If others misunderstand you or accidentally hurt you, try to put the heart to relax some, as the saying goes, "a step back broad sky", of course, it won't solve, also can ask the teacher or adult to a peaceful solution.

  Grew up our pupils to do good to law-abiding citizens, is beginning to observe the school rules and regulations, to school in good order, must not "no spitting", "not plundering campus plants and trees", "up and down the stairs on the right", "line up from school, in turn, play rice" the system, we must consciously abide by. In addition, it is necessary to form a good habit of being honest and trustworthy, not greedy and cheap, and not taking others' things at will.

  The development of the juvenile law consciousness education, ancient and modern times are very important. Confucius, an ancient Chinese educator, said that "if you are less natural, you will become accustomed to nature", which is to say what kind of habit you have formed since you were young. So, to enhance our own moral and legal concept, must start from around things, we must from the most ordinary little by little, in word and deed, every move, to develop good moral character, be a good law-abiding young, build a harmonious and civilized campus.

文明英语作文 篇6

  A Witness of a Theft Incident Yesterday, I witnessed a theft incident on my way home. The thief was so rampant that it left me a very deep impression. It was in the rush hour, when many people were buying tickets at the subway station. A woman took her purse out and paid for the ticket. Then she put her purse back into her bag and turned to leave, when a mid-aged man brushed past her muttering Excuse me. She didnt feel unusual and went into the station. Indeed, her purse had been stolen by that man. To our surprise, the thief seems not to be nervous at all and even began to look others up and down. Maybe he was searching for the next target. At that time some persons, including me, witnessed the process. But unfortunately, no one dared to warn that woman. This incident makes me ashamed and leaves me a deep thought. The pickpocket has posed a great threat to residents and visitors property safety. Undoubtedly, it is an urgent thing to take action to prevent pickpocket. However, it cannot depend on the police only. Instead, it needs our common efforts. We can not shut our eyes and mouths to the pickpocket any more. It should be kept in our minds that our forces are far beyond those thieves.

文明英语作文 篇7

  On September 12th, 20xx, our school held a flag-raising ceremony on the playground with the theme “For your safety, for your life!”

  Tang Shaofeng, on behalf of the students, made a speech. He said that safety concerns every one of us and hidden threat against safety was everywhere. We may easily get injured in sports or traffic accidents , or get sick from food poisoning. Therefore,we should pay more attention to safety and try to learn more about first aid. To sum up, we should take good care of ourselves for the sake of our familys happiness.

  Later, our headmaster gave us some specific requirements. He said both teachers and students should attach special importance to school safety. Firstly, riding bicycles on campus is strongly prohibited. No ball games are allowed in the academic areas. We should keep to the right when going upstairs or downstairs. Besides, the windows must be closed and the doors must be locked when the last one leaves the classroom. Finally, we should always obey the traffic rules on our way home or to school.

文明英语作文 篇8

  As the invention of the computer, people’s life has been changed greatly, they search the Internet to know more about the world. People like to read the hot news on the Internet, and then share their opinion, but some people use the network to assault other people for the purpose of getting famous. The network civilization should be built.


  In order to be famous, some people use the Internet to say some CRItical words, so other people will pay attention to them, then they will be on the headline of the news. A man whose name on the Internet called Liu Jishou, he likes to make some comment on the picture which there is a girl or boy, then he uses the mean words. The more mean word he uses, the more fans he gains. This situation reflects people’s attitude toward the Internet civilization. Of course, people are interested in gossip, so they are willing to hear the bad words, their curiosity makes promotes the unhealthy network environment.


  Internet is the tool for people to communication, people can share the idea and know more about the world, but the network civilization should be on the first place.


文明英语作文 篇9

My dear fellow students,

  The Olympics are just around the corner. Today I want to talk about good manners and courtesy.

  We Chinese have always been respected and highly praised for good manners and courtesy, which have, as well, become precious traditions of our people. In a couple of weeks beyond, a large number of foreign friends will come to China to join us in enjoying the Olympics.

  Beforeforeign guests, we should have an easy manner and behave politely and warm-heartedly. In public places, such ugly behaviors as uproar, pushing or squeezing together, spitting and so on should be determinedly forbidden. In a sense, each of us will not simply stand forourselves but stand for China. Therefore, boys and girls, let s do it well right now and the eyes of the world are to on us!